Je Suis Hindu. Mea Culpa?

“We are protesting because this is the first time people used (Hindu) religion to protect the culprits of such heinous crimes.”
Fair enough. I agree – religion cannot be an excuse for such things.
You blame religiosity for this crime. No arguments there.
You highlight ‘Hindu’ and ‘Devi’.
That’s where you lose me.
Because you told me terror doesn’t have a religion. You told me I shouldn’t judge Muslims, Islam or Mosques because a few terrorists here and there shouted “Allahu Akbar” before they killed others, that many of them had reportedly been radicalized by peers or priests at places of worship, that Quranic edicts on the treatment of infidels and slaves are misinterpreted. You told me each and every Muslim is different from the terrorists who had nothing to do with them, their faith or their Prophet.
You asked me to ignore, repeatedly, the crowds that celebrated these terrorists’ deaths as martyrdom. You said those puny hundreds, thousands, are just misguided, emotionally-misrouted believers. You want me to understand who they are, where they are coming from, why they feel insecure, what more I can do to make them feel better.
You told me that the clergy of Churches who indulge their baser instincts should be forgiven, as the Vatican forgave them. Actually, scratch that – we never even discussed this. It would have been… unchristian, I suppose, of us to do that. Never mind that there had been denials of involvement, claims of innocence, charges of persecution, over the stolen innocence of hundreds and hundreds of children over the years, across the nations.
Even the atheists have their Gods, don’t they, which we dare not question? The Left, which loves to drop the word ‘Fascist’ at the drop of a sun-ray, glorifies Stalin, Lenin and Mao. The rationalists believe in the idol-smashing ideology of Periyar but have no problems going to war when his statue is damaged.
So why this obsession with a religion, with its symbols, with the faith? Suddenly, Hinduism is on trial everywhere. Temple wall are defaced (we all know what happened the last time someone posted a cartoon about a religious, non-Hindu figure) The Trishul is drawn as a bloody tool with a condom and a rape victim draped over it. Goddesses – yes, the very same whose nude imagery you once defended as freedom of expression – are suddenly ‘useless’, mere bystanders to crimes that happen within their own abodes. I must be apologetic, it seems, because I believe in the same gods these bastards who raped a kid did.
Yet you tell me you are fighting this battle only because a section of the people who defended the criminals did so because of Hinduism.
Perhaps you are right. Perhaps it is time for another renaissance in Hinduism, to shake off the detritus of the last few centuries of ignorant faith, to perhaps return to the real roots of a Sanathana Dharma that does not distinguish between people on any ground.
But why do I get the feeling that when this battle is over, when you are sufficiently pleased with dragging Hinduism through the mud, you will still need more than the little blue pill to raise your voice against the same things that have happened and will continue to happen with other faiths?
Prove me wrong, won’t you?
Because until you do, you can’t answer for Asifa. Or for Payal. You won’t even be able to answer to your own reflection.