The Wrong Kind of Attention

Of late, I’ve been getting a log of attention, the wrong kind of attention. No, not the Mahesh Murthy kind or the Prashant Kishor kind. In the past four weeks, I’ve had this site hacked four times. Four, mind you. That’s probably one time more than the number of readers I have on my site right now.

The first time, I was irritated. The second time, when I got an alert about an article being modified, I told my wife, “Oh, that’s probably just a hacker’s work.” The third time it happened, I was expecting it. Now I clock on this site just to see what’s the next article that some poor sod of a hacker thinks it is worth his/her valuable time to corrupt. Dude/Dudess, here’s the thing: the only consequence is that I have to log in, revert the article and be done with it. I might change the password, I might not.

Why would I not care?

My retort to that, of course, is why should I? Personal blogs are a dime a dozen online. Having chosen an extremely-popular framework like WordPress, it’s only natural that I fall prey to hackers who target this CMS for its userbase. It’s a battle where there are a hundred or a thousand gifted hackers attempting to break each and every release as soon as it comes out. When you opt for the convenience of a CMS like WP, you also sign up for the risks it entails.

So, if you’re another hacker reading this (and chances are more than even that you are a hacker rather than a reader), do yourself a favour and tap another site that’s got more people coming in. Saving me the headache of undoing the damage is all I ask of you.

Peace, and out!