Dump the Trump

I find it funny when nationalists here root for ‘nationalist’ Trump over in the States. Such people forget that one nation’s best interests is not always in another’s, and perhaps particularly true in the case of India and US. An uneasy Asia keeps the US relevant in the sphere and gives it an excuse to have a presence from Afghanistan to Taiwan. Someone as clueless as Trump – and with the innate penchant for greedy short-sightedness that marked the last Republican administration – will just play into the hands of Halliburton and Co, and his ‘nationalism’ does not necessarily mean that he’ll stand by India next time we need a country we can depend on. I’d rather trust Putin – who has a sharper head on his neck and will certainly do only that which is in Russia’s interests – than someone whose dick has a greater IQ than his brain.

While Hillary’s administration would almost certainly be pro-Pak, that’s a diplomatic issue that has to be dealt with by our government at that level (and see if we can make them see the benefits of being pro-Indian). That would be Modi’s next big challenge if and when Billy version 2 takes the Oval Office.