Pawprints #1 – Alpha

Between Buttons’s adoption and his return in 2014, for whatever reason, I’d started to feed the streeties outside our place. One meal later, they put me on a pedestal I didn’t deserve. They would come to greet me every time I went outside on foot. They learnt to ‘sit’ on demand. We named them Alpha, Bib, Browns.

alpha 2 alpha

We lost Alpha a year later. He’d developed a tumor in his leg, the result of a fracture from when he was a puppy, and would have died on the streets if we’d left him alone. Instead, we had him taken to Sarvodaya, and that’s where, the next morning, they discovered that he’d passed away during the night. Alone, away from his friends.

Road to hell, paved with good intentions, still heads nowhere else.

For a while, that put us off our ‘activism.’ Who were we to interfere, Gow and I would say whenever we saw a dog that needed help. Perhaps we might make it worse.