Other Pursuits

As a Literary Consultant, I get paid to read!

It’s an excellent calling if you have the patience, head and the heart for it. Patience, because sometimes you’re working with a crappy manuscript or a crappy (or stubborn) author. Head, because you need to know how to sell what will sell. And heart, because there’s a person on the other end who’s put his/her heart into telling a story, and you can’t ever lose sight of that fact.

Currently, I work with two agencies on assessing manuscripts for style, content, coherence and saleability.

As a Web/Tech Consultant, I get paid to design!

I’ve been designing IT systems since I was in the 6th standard and coded a QBasic application that could do most of what a CLI Windows OS could do (in 1996!) For my engineering project, my friend Nagraj V Suyambulingam and I created VoTe – Voting over Telephones – using VBasic and one of those ol’ dial-up modems. Mentored by the ex-CTO of TVS, Prof Agam Nag, I used my IT skills even in my non-IT role as the Regional Manager for Zee Learn that made life a lot simpler for teams across the value space.

The latest chapter of my life – which began when I left Zee to work on our business simulation platform Bizsim – is the one where I help fledgling (and/or non-IT) organizations set up their systems in the most cost-effective and scalable manner possible.

As a trainer, I get paid to talk!

I don’t like to boast (no, actually, I do) but I am a pretty good trainer – just ask all those people who took one session of mine and never needed another one ever!

Jokes apart, I am associated with both TalentEdge and SLE as a trainer for their clients, besides freelancing from time to time. So far, no one’s complained!