A Gnat in Heat

For the last two days, I’ve been patting myself on my back. The site’s back up, is functional and I even managed to put together a couple of posts. Not bad, considering I sometimes have the attention span of gnat in heat when it comes to building a vanity website.

And then I thought, “Hey, the landing page is kinda dull. I mean, it’s just a list of blog posts, right? Shouldn’t there be something more? Say, a brief block of text about me, a carousel of my latest posts, a few links, a couple of tasteful plugs for Kalyug…”

Yep, the gnat in heat was back.

I started trying out plugins, tweaking configurations, experimenting, and in the process, lost nearly a day or so to an endeavour I should never have spent so much time on in the first place. Nothing worked to my satisfaction and a familiar resentment-slash-frustration started to build up once again.

That’s what usually happens, innit? You get caught up with the non-essentials, and before long, they’ve blinded you to what’s truly important. Instead of writing more posts, which is what this avatar of ramsutra was intended to be, I ended up right where I began.

So that’s going to be my excuse for being too lazy to perk up the landing page. And I’m sticking to it.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

PS: Pro-bono offers to address this shortcoming of the website will be taken up very seriously!