Sreeram Ramakrishnan is – for the few millions who don’t know him – an author (who doesn’t let anyone else forget it), an entrepreneur (because that’s cooler than saying he’s 9-to-5-intolerant), a literary consultant (who gets paid to read! ah, the life…), a trainer (ideal for a guy who loves to talk and talk… and talk), an IT brainiac (his words, no one else’s) and animal-rescuer par extraordinaire (the effort it takes to get him off his arse and actually do something is extraordinary!).

Business Head, South Zone A political thriller set in the dark days of 2013 Head of IT and Literary Consultant with India’s top literary agency Co-founder of Bizsim Training Solutions Pvt Limited

For those who do know him, Sreeram (aka SR) is also one of the most opinionated (and occasionally passably witty) bums around. They also (should) know that even if he doesn’t ping them or call them up, he values the few friends he does have. (He should. There are not many people in the world willing to be on that exalted list!)

This is his twenty-eighth attempt at bringing some sort of discipline to his self-marketing efforts. Like the previous twenty-seven, this too shall (most likely) pass.