Why I won’t vote for Feku… the real Feku…

Dear ArKe,

  • When you announced shelters for the homeless, you earned my respect.
  • When you approved free water/subsidized electricity with riders and deadlines (31st March, 2014), I hoped it was a deliberate attempt not to overburden a system that’s already tottering.


  • If you’d suspended Bharti after Khirki, I’d have applauded your sense of fairness.
  • If you’d moved a bill to bring the Delhi police under the Delhi govt and sat on a dharna for that, I’d have welcomed your sense of action.
  • If you hadn’t called off your Dharna to protect your and Bharti’s image, but continued until the stated aim – Delhi police under Delhi govt – had been achieved, I’d have grudgingly agreed that your style of anarchy works.
  • If you had acted against Dixit and others without asking for evidence from Dr. Harshavardhan, I’d have been happy that you are at least fighting corruption.
  • If you had taken the effort to see at least one prosecution of a corrupt official getting off the ground, I’d have had the hope that things are moving in the right direction.
  • If you’d been able to take your opponents along as well as your unquestioning fans, I’d have respected your consensus-evolving skills – because our nation needs leaders to talk to each other, not just to us all the time.
  • If you had gone through the Constitution you claim to respect and not created the excuse you did for scuttling the JLP, I’d have found nothing wrong with trusting your words.
  • If you hadn’t written to Tauqeer Raza or pulled up Bhushan or called Batla encounter fake, I’d have been happy that you, at least, are not pseudo-secular.
  • If you had not withdrawn money earmarked for infrastructure and used it to pay for subsidies (to Ambani’s discoms), I might have even granted that your 49-day reign was indeed hampered.
  • If you had moved out – or explained how a family earning Rs.11L per annum can afford a rented house at Rs.2.5L per month – I’d have believed that you could set an example for our politicians who live off public money.
  • If you hadn’t forgotten that Congress ruled this country for 60+ years while Vajpayee’s term (as even his worst detractors now agree) was among the best, I’d have believed that you’d make a good party to invest in at the national level.
  • If you hadn’t turned to drama at every turn because you can’t pay the news channels for coverage, I’d have respected you as a decent human being.
  • If you could be as unforgiving to your supporters when they are wrong as you are to those who criticize you, I’d have believed that you were, indeed, conscientious.
  • If you had been more mature in your efforts to weed out #paidmedia instead of threatening to arrest them, I’d have been less apprehensive of your dictatorial approach.
  • And if you had surrounded yourself with less obnoxious characters than Ashutosh, Khetan or Sisodia, I’d have taken your #paidMedia allegations more seriously.
  • And if you hadn’t tried to adjust an interview with a two-faced lackey (who pretends to be an impartial journalist to this day), I’d not have scoffed at your media-bashing.
  • If you had asked us to trust in your abilities rather than to fear Modi (and I do not see you taking anyone else’s name with such frequency or rabid rhetoric), I could have eventually shared your confidence.
  • If you had spoken against Sahara… if you’d spoken against Sarada… if you had been able to reconcile your ‘findings’ about Gujarat and your colleagues’ before they joined you… I could have believed that your attack on crony capitalism was not compromised.
  • And if you’d said something and stuck to it, I would not be thinking disparagingly of you.

If you had, at least for once in these past few months, displayed a desire to be anything other than an anarchist… 
If at least once you could have shown me why I should not fear you running away again on another made-up pretext… 
If you could have handled things with at least as much class as we want to see in our politicians… 

I’d not have woken up today worrying for a nation that might just give you enough votes for UPAAP.

If only…