Genesis 1:1

Finally, I give in to a long-subdued impulse to (re)start blogging again. This time around, it’s going to be a lot of tech/managerial stuff, instead of the literary works I am so famous for. (Hey, somebody‘s gotta say I am famous!) Ramsutra’s gonna be ram’s sutra all the way, except for a few detours here and there if the scenery warrants it.

Now what am I going to put in here that you won’t find at any other source anywhere else in the world?


Ramsutra. (Now if that doesn’t sound conceited and convince you to go to another page, my positioning has worked. That’s sutra #1: no one will take you seriously if you won’t)

What’s Ramsutra? (The first P of marketing, for the uninitiated or MBAs)
Ramsutra will consist of my take on most things that interest me – putting up a unified comm network here at IMT Nagpur, learning new technologies, the challenge of developing something you know nothing about, business tactics and strategies, reviews, behavior, actions, motivations (wow! the list is getting bigger), managerial concepts and application, teaching, learning, and a few more things that I will remember the next time I take a shower.

What’s the price for an entire session of Ramsutra? (The second P – pricing)
Except for time you might wish you had spent doing something else, nothing much. Although I would definitely pitch in if you want me to absorb some of your excess financial liquidity.

Where do I find Ramsutra? (The third P being Place, I couldn’t think of anything else appropriate)
Duh! Here… or at, which is the same address all over again.

How am I promoting my blog? (You guessed it! The fourth P – promotion)
Other than hoping that some idiosyncratic CEO takes notice of my Sutras, hires me as the successor to head his billion-dollar empire and actually retires (even after knowing how hardly I work) as planned… in which event I would hire a PR publicist to gather hits on this site. Maybe even set up a twitter account…
For the present, though, I console myself that the pearls of wisdom I leave here will find their way into the 13Ks (or any of the other alphabets that are still available at the time) of strategy/marketing/finance/operations/hr/ob/etc. that someone else will take credit for.

That about concludes it, unless you are curious about the title.

Why Ramsutra?
‘Cos Ramasutra wasn’t available.