Five shy of a score it has been today
Since I carried her into our home’s cosy bay;
Starting a new life together, to share
Whatever life has to offer as its daily fare.

I remember the first time she nuzzled me,
Leaving a wet spot where I let it be,
And in my hand she always sought her head,
And from one plate we together fed.

She was the last, as I left, to cajole,
And the first to rejoice at my arriving role;
At the doors she greets me with the widest smile
For which it is worth of gold the longest mile.

Of walks and runs and games and joyous moments
Are the pictures of our life’s sentiments;
Of shared conversations, of protected confidences,
Of life’s greatest gift our little evidences.

Some credit I owe her for what I now am –
But for blame I have only myself to damn –
She taught me what living should mean,
And how to sprout happiness like Jack’s little bean.

I fear, my lady, that we may have now grown apart,
My time, excuse me, is no longer of me my own part,
But I know that you shall always be there for me,
As you have always been… my dear, dearest Brownie!

R Sreeram
14 Oct 2008