A New Beginning

‘Twas a beautiful day,
Of blue skies and a sun so gay,
Nary a cloud in sight,
Ignorant of thirsty earth’s plight.

‘Twas to the hill plains we went;
At the temple some prayers spent,
For a journey well begun or ended
Has to have some blessings blended.

A full meal for the day she packed,
And nuts of sorts uncracked
For us to snack on the way,
For home would be too far away.

The little ones dressed in their finest,
And the older ones welcomed the rest –
And my wife, she lit a lamp ‘fore we left,
Saving light inside where windows bereft.

I look back just once at the house,
And no longer ask about the whys and the hows –
For life is not without questions, nor with answers,
With songs, poems and ever-graceful dancers.

The burden grew too heavy the last day,
When he came for his loan repay,
A few of his friends, drunken sods,
Asking the girls to sell their bods.

The banks shut their doors in my face,
Setting me off on this latest phase;
The dead soil swallowing my plants,
Erasing for all eternity my dreamy plans.

Like a candle that glows the brightest
Before darkness envelops it for the rest,
We ate, laughed and enjoyed the world,
And for the nap together we all curled.

‘Twas on a beautiful plain that we ate,
In none of our minds any hate –
Only sorrow for my wife and I
For our fruits never knew in their feast
the poison lie.

‘Tis better this way, to erase the slate,
Start afresh, maybe even with another fate,
Or as the king or one of his fat ministers…
My last thought a death arrives and ministers…

R Sreeram
20th Mar, 2007