Courtesy PTI

This is a PTI report:

Even as Pakistan is in a denial mode over its support to cross-border terrorism, voices from within the country are holding Islamabad and the Inter Services Intelligence responsible for the July 11 bomb attacks in Mumbai.

‘Pakistan’s motive for committing this crime against humanity is evident — to destabilise India,’ the government-in-exile of Balochistan said in a statement on the terrorist attacks.

‘The government of Balochistan condemns the Pakistani spy agency, ISI, for the terrorist attacks in India,’ said the statement issued by its general secretary Mir Azaad Khan Baloch.

Another group, the Baloch Action Committee, said Pakistan may have ‘instigated, inspired and supported’ the terrorists who carried out the train blasts in Mumbai that killed 200 people and injured over 700.

It said that ‘acts of terrorism are controlled and monitored by ISI’ and it would be ‘exceedingly difficult for the Indian people and government to carry forward what may be called as normalisation (and) peace process’.

The statements went against Pakistan’s insistence that terrorist acts in India had no link to that country.

New Delhi has been providing evidence of cross-border connections and only three days ago asked Islamabad to hand over Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin and terrorist Dawood Ibrahim besides arresting Lashkar-e-Tayiba chief Hafiz Mohammed Sayeed to demonstrate its commitment to prevent terrorism aimed against India.

Baloch pointed out that there was no claim of responsibility for the well-coordinated terrorist attack, which was ‘a common tactic employed by Pakistani-supported Kashmiri militants’.

Oh, well, to each his own fantasy. Why, even our own Government – read our statesmanesque PM – has refrained from naming our beloved neighbours – who incidentally wish us no harm, us being bhai-bhai and all that – for the Mumbai blasts…